Monday, September 29

Of Curtis' & Camilla's Saga

Most of the time, I so hate Curtis… Hating his stupidity and for being an a**hole for expecting Camilla to do the same thing for him.

But this Curtis, is a totally different type of Curtis, I just dunno why… maybe a confused type of Curtis…
Camilla: Hi there! Wanna have coffee or something?
Curtis: I’m in a class eh.
Camilla: Later, maybe?
Curtis: Let’s see.

Camilla should learn by now that happiness cannot be based on the presence of another individual – but must be found within one’s self. Simply, believing in and learning to take responsibility for yourself.

Camilla’s still hanging in there, what about you Curtis? Stop being a loser or just a regular guy, ‘coz you’re too far from that kind of guy. Camilla is expecting so much from Curtis… Wake up baby, please???


Roanna said...

is this a book? i want to read!!! haha interesting

ganday said...

haha! yeah, characters from a book with a twist of somebody else's life. hehe, melodramatic! sure, i'll ask Danes. :)