Monday, November 23

Real-life Hero: Efren Penaflorida Jr

A salute to our real-life hero, Mr. Efren Penaflorida Jr!

“You are the change that you dream as I am the change that I dream, and collectively we are the change that this world needs to be” – Efren Penaflorida, from his acceptance speech at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood during the CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute last Saturday night.

Efren received his award from the hottie actress, Eva Mendes. Eh, really cool man! It was indeed a star studded event and for a Filipino to bring home the most coveted award was big time.

To Efren, may you continue to inspire and influence us all! Thank you for your untiring love to our fellow countrymen. You are very humble and cute! 

If you wish to help this cause, please do checkout their site.

Friday, November 6

Whoopsie Doopsie!

Click! Click!

Yay, someone’s testing her old camera!

Camera test! Test! Test!

Someone’s trying out a new hobby?!!

Someone’s wanna be a rock star chic!

Awww,,,, not really… just trying out the old camera.

After all, this is a free country and it’s a jungle out there... I can be what I wanna be! Yo!

Tuesday, November 3

Smart Enough?

Just a random picture that I took when I was in HK. Thinking about it now, I dunno what the heck I was doing at that time for me to capture this while eating in one of the restos at The Peak. Maybe because I was dining with the not-so-smart guy, haha! Just kidding folks!

Now, I am seriously contemplating about life in general... This brief text message exchange  last week made me feel cautious;

Me: Trick or Treat? ... (some text missing)
Friend: I'll be out of town. Don't do anything foolish!

So, yes... I am smart because I dunno what love is... Why? Because I rationalize things often and I feel like I am the "approachable but unattainable" type. Yes, I am a robot. Boss used to call me the heartless "superwoman" in the office.

Do you know what love is? How do you know if its REAL?