Friday, August 29

from us, to you! yes you Nuffnangers!

First, allow me to thank you for all your support.

For helping us out spreading the good news in the blogosphere.

It's been 2 days since we were officially online and I can feel the excitement of each and everyone here. (setting aside pressure and sleepless nights... Man! they've done pretty damn good in My and Sg! :) )

Just reading through blog posts and comments actually made me feel relieved and happy! Oh yeah, my happy-o-meter yesterday was shooting up! We have a surprise for you, and you better watch out for it... hmmm...

We can see that the community is growing since day 1 and we value each and everyone here. For us, bloggers are not merely statistics, everyone is important to us! We want to build the community with you and we mean it.

WE WANT YOU! So better check us out often for you to see our surprises.

For those that we've met and help us out along the way, you know who you are... I sincerely thank you and more power to you guys! See you all around. (Sept 6?)

YOU rock! ;) Both Nuffnangers and Nuffies (my darlings) ROCK!

Wednesday, August 27

'Nuff said...

We're now officially online...

Nuffnang is here. Register now! and feel a different kind of blogging experience. Nuffnang.. All things good, all things cool. ‘Nuff said.

tomorrow you'll meet the Nuffies made in the Philippines

Sunday, August 24

time has come

butterflies in my stomach
feeling excited, nervous, panicky...
can't even sleep right away

a BIG REVEAL will happen soon in the local blogosphere
we'll do our best, we'll try to do everything right
we won't OVER promise, but we want to OVER deliver
(right team?)

we know timing is right...
see you guys around and it was nice meeting you all
let's keep in touch!

while waiting for the right time, i'd just be like this...
pretending to play cool over things... hahaha!