Thursday, November 20

Our First Movie Premiere - Burn After Reading

To all Nuffnangers, thank you so much for attending the premiere night. It was awesome to have met you all in person. :) I hope you all enjoyed watching the movie and got to see the supreme irony of life presented in the movie.

This is our very first community building event. We believe that the blogging community is really what is all about and what we are trying to develop. Hopefully, we can have more events later on and that we'll be seeing you all again. :) There's one coming up - Sony Expo at SMX on Dec 6! So please watch out for it and don't forget to send your entries to win a Sony Cybershot T700. Sony is so cool! :)

I would like to thank our sponsors - Viva Entertainment Inc. and Robinsons Movieworld and to Eric Fernandez, our official photographer.

Some pics:
Nuffnanggers waiting in line. Really fun to be with. Look at Malen over there, doing the Korean sign! haha! To the winners, congratulations! 'Till next Nuffnang raffle, hehe. :) To blogger friends, thanks for coming over. You totally rock!

To my Nuffies, congratulations on a job well done! Two thumbs up my darlings. :) Too bad, Roanna came in late - she's busy presenting to clients. To my principals, thank you for all the support shown.

See you all soon! Thanks again! Muahugs! :)