Sunday, October 26

into the world of blogging

I met several interesting personalities lately.

There’s this guy, a popular one in the world of blogging – he’s even featured in the local dailies early this month, turned out to be one of my kindergarten best friend’s uncle! Hehe, really a small world huh. Bubbly, adorable and totally smart guy. And of course, with the ever supportive blogger friend Malen, who brought her other blogger friends (Mitch and Agnes) along to the Outoor Art Gallery event at Fullybooked, Boni High Street. Take a look at the pic, we’re like been close for a long time already.

Thanks for the company and till next get together my darlings! To Reynz: thanks for the chocolates, haha, it was so yummy, everyone in the office love it! To Malen: as always, been really supportive, dunno how to thank you that much. To Agnes and Mitch: nice to have you both around, keep the spirit high and see you guys soon! Love you all!

Monday, October 20

my so-so day

I am getting sentimental of going online these days... I dunno why...

I've been thinking and thinking and thinking a lot...

When we were by the beach, I ended up pondering on so many things...

Oh gosh! Again??? Hahaha! Dunno what to say now. Yes, we're all getting old, getting 'manang' i must say... Oh noh!