Wednesday, October 28

Coincidence, is that all there is?

Yes, I’ve been bugged with a lot of thoughts in my head for quite a while already. Then, there’s 500 Days of Summer which somehow made me think about a couple of things in life.

500 Days of Summer. A story about boy meets girl, but boy falls in love and the girl doesn’t. Err! Crap, I know! You might wonder how come they call this a romantic comedy movie when this uber sweet, boy-next-door’s love wasn’t fairly reciprocated by this evil, emotionless girl. The movie will show you how this boy, the delicate and lovely Tom, conquered Cupid’s heartless ploy.

The scenes were presented in the most passionate but very unique way, nothing much of kissing and making love. It will make you look out on the days left for the couple to make amends and therefore have a second thought of a happy ending like how most movies were done.

This will make you believe in coincidence. That there are no miracles, no such thing as fate and nothing is meant to be. If love is over and done, you must simply face the fact and start anew. To accept things at face value sometimes, maybe because too much questioning and bargaining are simply waste of time.

Coincidence does not prove relationship, but somehow related events may have a higher index of coincidence. In a more logical perspective, probability is a factor of several coincidences. So then, is it safe to say that there is no such thing as “heaven sent”? What do you think? Do you believe in magic in the first place?