Tuesday, September 30

talking about career

Am reading this new book, allow me to share some thoughts of David F. D’Alessandro. Very interesting, very informative, surely will guide you finding your way up!

To build the kind of personal brand that will help you to be successful, you will have another filter to the lens. In order to build a good reputation, you have to view your actions in the same way that the people judging you will view them.

While we tend to view our own less-than-heroic actions as no reflection on the basic goodness of our character, outside observers believe just the opposite that we do things we do because of the kind of people we are. It may be an error of perception but a fact of life.

Don’t flatter yourself. You can’t build a good personal brand if you can’t see yourself as others see you.

The best way to establish a brand when you are new to an organization is by offering something that is missing. Do something that is humble but essential.

Become a product with the right features. Of course, you don’t want to be appreciated just as where you are, but with a brand that shouts “upward mobility”. If you’re like a Mercedes to them, better deliver the performance they expect from a luxury brand, ‘coz who wants an unreliable Mercedes? No one!

Always remember these things…

· To be considered for the upper ranks, get into a position where you are making money for your organization.

· A reputation for dishonesty is a career-ender. No amount of talent, brains, or accomplishments will save you from it.

· Indiscretion can cost an organization a great deal, so become known for your excellent judgment about when to speak and when to keep quiet.

· Win a name as the human equivalent of FEDEX: Always deliver on time. If you overpromise and underdeliver, you won’t be trusted by your bosses, and you will go nowhere.

· Become known as the coach of the players want to play for. Develop a reputation for leadership, at some point your ability to do things become meaningless. What counts is whether you can get other people to do them.

Great thoughts right? The reason why I am posting this online is for young readers to have something different at this point in time. Intelligence and hard work are undeniably factors to have a successful career, but we can’t ignore character, something that is unique and REAL to each one of us…

Care to be successful and fabulous? It's about time I guess...

Monday, September 29

Of Curtis' & Camilla's Saga

Most of the time, I so hate Curtis… Hating his stupidity and for being an a**hole for expecting Camilla to do the same thing for him.

But this Curtis, is a totally different type of Curtis, I just dunno why… maybe a confused type of Curtis…
Camilla: Hi there! Wanna have coffee or something?
Curtis: I’m in a class eh.
Camilla: Later, maybe?
Curtis: Let’s see.

Camilla should learn by now that happiness cannot be based on the presence of another individual – but must be found within one’s self. Simply, believing in and learning to take responsibility for yourself.

Camilla’s still hanging in there, what about you Curtis? Stop being a loser or just a regular guy, ‘coz you’re too far from that kind of guy. Camilla is expecting so much from Curtis… Wake up baby, please???

Sunday, September 14

I was weng-wengizeddd!

I was weng-wengizedddd! YES, that’s a fact Jack! I just can’t tell you why for now… maybe next time. Hahaha!

OH, the culprit is over there... <--

OMG! As is in oh my gulay… We all had a grand time despite its crazy ending! I can’t imagine it would end that way. Hahaha! Kaloka talaga. Hmmm, maybe because we were dancing the night away, and for that thanks to my friend who started it all! The band was really good, though cute guy wasn’t there, and my friend was a bit down not seeing her crushie on stage. What’s his name again? Oh no, we can’t recall it anymore. All I know is that my friend gave her biz card after the picture taking thing the last time we were there. That’s gutsy right? Oh well, that’s why we love her so much!

Laugh trips and all kababawan really made our night. I am not like this often, but with great friends around, I tend to loose a ‘bit’ out of control with my intake. The last time I had fun like that was in Decades with my other girl friends. That time, we were Jagermeized! with Jagermeister. And oh yeah, what does Jagermeister promotes? Hell, it promotes “responsible drinking”. How can people do that, with just one shot you’ll get tipsy right away? But heck, it was still fun!

Last Friday night was indeed a fun fun night with the girls. And oh, btw, thanks to Don and our condo guard for helping us or ‘me’ out. Hahaha!

Thanksie all! Muah!