Sunday, September 14

I was weng-wengizeddd!

I was weng-wengizedddd! YES, that’s a fact Jack! I just can’t tell you why for now… maybe next time. Hahaha!

OH, the culprit is over there... <--

OMG! As is in oh my gulay… We all had a grand time despite its crazy ending! I can’t imagine it would end that way. Hahaha! Kaloka talaga. Hmmm, maybe because we were dancing the night away, and for that thanks to my friend who started it all! The band was really good, though cute guy wasn’t there, and my friend was a bit down not seeing her crushie on stage. What’s his name again? Oh no, we can’t recall it anymore. All I know is that my friend gave her biz card after the picture taking thing the last time we were there. That’s gutsy right? Oh well, that’s why we love her so much!

Laugh trips and all kababawan really made our night. I am not like this often, but with great friends around, I tend to loose a ‘bit’ out of control with my intake. The last time I had fun like that was in Decades with my other girl friends. That time, we were Jagermeized! with Jagermeister. And oh yeah, what does Jagermeister promotes? Hell, it promotes “responsible drinking”. How can people do that, with just one shot you’ll get tipsy right away? But heck, it was still fun!

Last Friday night was indeed a fun fun night with the girls. And oh, btw, thanks to Don and our condo guard for helping us or ‘me’ out. Hahaha!

Thanksie all! Muah!


the innernet prophet said...

Hi there! Visiting you from davao, RP! Hehe... :D

Congratulations! blog hoppin'...

btw, care to xlink?

Thank you! :D

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ganday said...


Thank you! Sure, will do it soon.

Keep bloggin'