Sunday, August 24

time has come

butterflies in my stomach
feeling excited, nervous, panicky...
can't even sleep right away

a BIG REVEAL will happen soon in the local blogosphere
we'll do our best, we'll try to do everything right
we won't OVER promise, but we want to OVER deliver
(right team?)

we know timing is right...
see you guys around and it was nice meeting you all
let's keep in touch!

while waiting for the right time, i'd just be like this...
pretending to play cool over things... hahaha!


Jehzeel Laurente said...

miss jing.. xlinks po :D hhehe.. I'll add you in my blogroll ;)

ganday said...

sure! thanks Jehz, you're really a big help. :)

ganday said...

and hey Jehz, don't call me miss.. am not that old yet. haha!