Wednesday, August 27

'Nuff said...

We're now officially online...

Nuffnang is here. Register now! and feel a different kind of blogging experience. Nuffnang.. All things good, all things cool. ‘Nuff said.

tomorrow you'll meet the Nuffies made in the Philippines


JAPA said...

I hope we can earn more with it. Anyway..Please add me to ur blogroll and please visit my blog so we can have exchange of thoughts. Here's my blog See Yah!!

Dexter said...

I am also joining this nuffnang we hope to get god earning from this


ganday said...

hello japa, dexter & readers

thank you for dropping by. one thing that I can assure you guys, we are doing our best to build and make this community a sustainable one for all. without your support, nuffnang would be nothing. allow us an ample time to review all the registered blogs (which is, ugh, over a hundred already after our launch date) and gather enough statistics of your sites for us to present to our established clients.

once again, thanks for your support and let's all raise this community into the next level!

nuffie at your service,
jing :)