Tuesday, November 3

Smart Enough?

Just a random picture that I took when I was in HK. Thinking about it now, I dunno what the heck I was doing at that time for me to capture this while eating in one of the restos at The Peak. Maybe because I was dining with the not-so-smart guy, haha! Just kidding folks!

Now, I am seriously contemplating about life in general... This brief text message exchange  last week made me feel cautious;

Me: Trick or Treat? ... (some text missing)
Friend: I'll be out of town. Don't do anything foolish!

So, yes... I am smart because I dunno what love is... Why? Because I rationalize things often and I feel like I am the "approachable but unattainable" type. Yes, I am a robot. Boss used to call me the heartless "superwoman" in the office.

Do you know what love is? How do you know if its REAL?

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